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Power Star Frenzy combines many of the great aspects from previous Mario games, and adds it into one amazing experience! It features things like New Super Mario Bros.' excellent level design and 2 player versus mode, Super Mario 64's Power Stars and exploration, Super Mario Galaxy's platforming, Mario and Luigi's humor and characters, and so much more.

Power Star Frenzy is based on pure exploration and adventure, and isn't just get from Point A to B like in most recent Mario games. This fangame brings Mario back to his roots, and implements some new abilities and gives the Mario formula a fresh new feel!

This fangame started developed all the way back in September of 2014, but was a completely different fangame that you see before you right now! So much has changed over the years, and things are only going to get better and better! But now since it's 2018 I started ported the game over onto a new engine. Rather than making it using GameMaker 8.1, I'm porting it over to GameMaker Studio.

My goal is to make one of the most creative, funnest, and most anticipated fangames of all time! So please give the game a shot and tell us what you think! If you like you can join our Discord server for regular updates, and talk among the Power Star Frenzy community!

Install instructions

Extract the files first, then run the .exe file.
Frequently Asked Questions: http://www.powerstarfrenzy.com/faq.html

The 2018 Version has only 1 level, but that's because it just in the early stages of the port. It's meant to show off more of the differences between the port and the legacy version. A new version is coming in late 2018 that'll have 30 Power Stars to collect.

The 2017 Legacy Version has at least 60 Power Stars, but is known to have issues on Windows 10, from not being able to play music correctly to not being able to get past the file selection screen. Hence the reason I decided to port it over to a new engine.


Power Star Frenzy 2018 DEMO v0.1 18 MB
[Win10 Issues] PSF 2017 Legacy Demo v1.1.0 76 MB

Development log


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This is pretty good, but man is it uncomfortable using a keyboard. The fact that X is for jumping and Z is for running is bad. It should be the other way around. It's like playing the original mario bros but A and B are swapped.


game looks preety good!

Is this game still being worked on?

This game is OUTSTANDING. I love the graphics and the sprites, and the story is so open and big each level has you doing a different goal. 10/10 game of the year.

There will be more Playable Characters than Mario and Luigi? Like a Different Story with Wario and Waluigi or Yoshi and Toad for the Help (if run out of Lives or Secondary Characters) Or maybe a Secret Fight for Dry Bowser or...i dunno. Well that's all for my Questions, anyways Good Game and Good Continuation for making this Game and See ya!

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Absolutely outstanding game! I wasn't expecting some random fangame to be this solid. I love the original sprites that hearken back to their SNES counterparts, I love its combination of old and new Mario mechanics, I love how when I kick a shell that goes offscreen, it stays there. I love  everything you've done, right down to the fact you didn't forget to tilt the pixels as if the resolution actually WAS 16-bit. I'm super excited for this game as it simply brought a smile to my face. Now, if only it had controller support...

Great job Nick. This website is really cool! I'm sorry that your page on Gamejolt was excluded because of copyright issues.

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This is one of the best Super Mario fan games I have played. Awesome work! There is only this issue, that sometimes when I try to play a started game, it freezes and there is only black screen.

Also, is there controller support? If no, can you add? Playing this with keyboard is not very comfortable.

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Happy to hear you're enjoying the game! I put a lot of effort into it over the years! 
All the questions you asked have answers on the PSF FAQ.


i still have the gamejolt version and im happy to give you the download

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The GameJolt version and the one here are the same...

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